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What is Rejuveneer?

Rejuveneer is a digital smile design workflow that can fit right into any dental practice. After utilizing patients’ photos to digitally design their ideal smile, Rejuveneer can then produce temporary, non-prep veneers or a final restoration using the same smile design as a guide. The smile design and temporary veneers are 100% designed and fabricated using state of the art CAD/CAM – Computer Assisted Design & Computer Assisted Manufacturing – to ensure speedy delivery and quality. Every step of the workflow can be carried out through Rejuveneer’s secure online portal, from case submission to data transfer & communication.

Our Mission

Our goal is to restore every smile to the heathiest and most beautiful state each and every patient deserves.

Smile Design

Vincent Van Gogh said, “A picture without a frame is like a soul without a body.” The same could be said for designing aesthetic teeth – if the teeth are not contextualized in relation to the lip and the face, it cannot be said that an aesthetic smile design has been completed. Rejuveneer’s smile design software equips dental technicians with exactly this capability and more: the same 2D design can be converted to 3D at a later phase and implemented into the final restoration, ensuring reliable outcomes.

The Process

Rejuveneer utilizes three major steps to bring back our patients’ smiles.

  • Design

    With our 2D smile design process, the patients can get a virtual preview of what their final smile would look like. Our highly trained smile designers take into consideration all aspects of treatment during the design process, ensuring that this 2D mockup is a faithful representation of what the patients’ final smile will look like. When outsourced to Rejuveneer, this process has a turnaround time of 45 minutes.

  • Temp

    To see your newly designed set of a smile on a picture is one thing, but to have them on your teeth is another thing. Our temp veneers do not require any preparation and can clip onto the patient’s teeth like contact lenses. Once applied, the patient can enjoy a preview of their new smile in life, without the need for putty matrixes or resin applications.

  • Complete

    Rejuveneer can be applied to every kind of anterior dental restoration in existence: veneers, crowns, implants, dentures – you name it. Our unique workflow with the smile design and the temp veneers allows Rejuveneer final restorations to have unmatched aesthetical uniformity and balance. Most importantly, Rejuveneer Completes are fabricated only by YM Dental Lab, ensuring the highest quality.